Seeking info on Adirondack St Regis canoe (Stowe Canoe Co)

Hello, I’m interested in a 17’ Kevlar Canoe, branded Adirondack, model is St Regis. The HIN starts with SCS, and it’s from 1998, so I believe this means it was made by Stowe Canoe Company.

The seller says it’s a flatwater tripping boat, and may have been made for the St Regis Outfitters to sell to trippers. If anybody has any more specific info, especially about hull shape, dimensions, etc, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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The Stowe Canoe Company went out of business in 1991. They never made a Kevlar canoe or one that long. Their canoes were fiberglass with thin mahogany ribs and wood stems and keel. They were called Mansfield canoes.

The Adirondack Canoe Company is still going strong and is located in Minerva, NY. You can contact them for more information. However, they were founded in 2013.

There is a St. Regis Canoe Outfitterslocated in the town of Saranac Lake and on Floodwood Pond that has been in operation for 37 years, but the don’t manufacture canoes.

Slipstream Watercraft produces two unique designs from the historic shop of Bart Hauthaway (1924-2002) – the Woods Canoe and the St Regis. Both are of John Henry Rushton orgin/inspiration. Slipstream has obtained use of the original Hauthaway molds from Bob Wolfertz who, at times, worked hand and hand with Bart. Right timeframe and in Kevlar, but only 12’ long

It appears you have a real mystery.

Hey! Did any one ever find out more about this Adirondack canoe? I’m also looking at an Adirondack canoe that seems kevlar from pictures.

Get the HIN and post a picture or two if you can.

Adirondack can be a model name from several companies. The HIN tells all.
It is also the name of a canoe makers