Seeking information re: these kayaks?

I am planning to build my third kayak this winter. I have built Nick Schade’s hybrid Night Heron and recently a SOF.

It is always fun to look into other boat designs to build. Followng are an assortment of designs I am seriously considering.

Has anyone paddled and/or built any of the following kayaks…or do you know of anyone who has? It would be great to gather some more information on the handling of these boats. I have already searched rather extensively on other building forums and have reviews on this site as well.

Many thanks!


Rob Mack’s Fire Star (Laughtin Loon):

Eric Schade’s Baidarka 18 (Shearwater Kayaks):

Joe Greenley’s King (Redfish Kayaks):

Bjorn Thommasson’s Designs:

No one?

Not a chance!!!
But I do like your list.

There are a couple I haven’t looked at yet (website - not in real life) but I’ll make a point of it.

In all actuallity, I haven’t paddles anyones kayak beyond a couple junk rentals, and the poly sealion I have.

I think I’m gonna have to get out more and try out some of these beautiful looking boats.

Or…perhaps you may build one?
Building your own kayak is incredible!