Seeking Neoprene Hatch Cover

My rear neoprene hatch cover for my Perception Shadow kayak is ripped and I’m having trouble finding a replacement. Any suggestions on where I can find one? It’s an XS and is about a 15" tall and 10" wide in size.


Cannot help on a direct replacement
but if your dealer and Perception cannot help you could make one yourself. Seakayaker Mag had a do-it-yourself article a while ago for making a sprayskirt, and a hatch cover is way simpler.

I’m assuming that you are referring to the inner neoprene cover?


try wildwasser
All Prijon kayaks have neo hatch covers, too. Look at accessories or call the 800 number and they will tell you the size to see if it might fit.

reed chillcheater
has them in aquatherm. I want a set as my Legend hatches are three pounds each!


Seals can probably make them …
I believe makes neo emergency hatch covers for Valley boats. I’m sure they can make you one if you give them the dimensions.


Try eBay
When I had to replace a hatch cover for my 139 Adventure XL Old Town did not have any in stock. Found one on ebay.

Good luck,


Snap Dragon makes 'em, …
neo hatch covers that is! And they make darn nice skirts.

Looking online for article??
I was just checking to see if I could find that article online - - no dice.

By chance, could you point us in the right direction???


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They may already have the right size, or can custom cut one if you send them a tracing of the hatch. You'll just have to officially buy it thru a dealer, but it's easy. I have found that Portland River something or other folks have good communications with Snapdragon.

Snapdragon made my neoprene…
hatch covers…did a great job. Give them a call…