Seeking New or Used Current Designs Ignite SOT Kayak!

Hi All, Just asking in case someone has one and is ready to sell it. I understand that location may be an issue and/but let’s just see where the chips fall should you have one for sale.


  • karen (Eugene, OR)

They pop up from time to time. eBay and others selling places.

Thanks PaddleDog52 appreciate your taking the time to comment:)

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You have to look every day or you miss the deals. Thanks for saying thanks it great rare at times.

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Google Current Designs kayak Ignite for sale daily.

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I’m a long time SOT paddler and thought I wanted an Ignite. I had been paddling Tarpons for years and the Ignite was spooky.
In retrospect, it handled sort of like a surf ski. I didn’t like the cockpit at all. It was very slick.
Your results will vary but paddle it first.

Hi String,

Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts. With that said, I’d love to better understand, specifically, what your experience was in paddling the Ignite? What do you mean by “spooky”? And, what did you not like about the cockpit? When you say it was “very slick” can you elaborate. Chances are, assuming I find one at all, I might not have a chance to actually paddle it so any info/insight from one who has is very much appreciated.

I see that you have experience with other surf skis? Can you say which ones you have? and how they compared to the Ignite?


I was only able to paddle the Ignite for a few minutes a long time ago. The cockpit was very uncomfortable and slippery. I knew very quickly that I would be uncomfortable .
I was told that other people fell off trying to turn it. I did not. I was ready to buy it that day until I tried it.
I have had a Stellar S18S that fit me well but this body is not made for some boats. I’m 6’5" with long legs and a terrible back. I now have a Stellar S14S , and though tight, the cockpit fits me.
The Ignite was on the market a short time so that may be a clue.
It may be the best boat for you but you need to paddle it.

OK, thanks. I’m actually a long time rower/sculler. And, I think my sculling days may be numbered which is what’s prompting me to explore the surfski world. I have a Current Designs Vision 130 and it’s quite nice and/but coming from the sleekness of a 24’ rowing shell, I’m looking for a way to do kayaking with more of a performance orientation. I like the more dynamic aspects of having a leg drive which is why I’m seeking out a surfski. With that said, I only will be doing flatwater as a recreational activity. And, I’m not really interested in falling out of my craft for the most part. I have only once, recently, had a chance to sit inside of anything remotely surfski: a very old, unusual, plastic surfski from Australia and I think it was 20" only and that was way too tight a fit for me. This is why the Ignite seemed appealing at a bigger width, I think 24", same as my Vision 130. I know some of the stellars would do the trick in that realm as well and I could even travel north a few hours to Portland Oregon and they have them there and I think they have some Epics as well that I can probably try out. There are going to be clinics in San Rafael CA in the summer and I’m trying to work out traveling south for those: will start in an Epic V5 and then they have V7’s as well so will try those out. Only thing is how heavy they are. thanks again for info/insight, much appreciated. - karen

Karen, I have a friend who goes through boats like running shoes. She had a V-7 and liked it. I paddled it before ever getting in another one. User friendly for a beginner. She now paddles a THINK.
By spooky, I meant that time before your body and brain connect with the boat and you relax. My COG is very high ,so it takes me awhile. Good luck on your search.