Seeking Paddler Campground Guide

Can anyone recommend a USA campground guide which highlights lakes and rivers which are paddler friendly?

Paddlng guide…
A paddling guide that covered all of the United States would most certainly be one hell of a tome. I doubt that such a beast exists; if it did I’m sure it would be very costly.

I don’t know about other states, but my home state (Missouri), has a river paddling guide that is printed by the state, and sold for what I consider to be a pittance. It provides great information.

No doubt “some” other states do the same…

Paddler friendly? I’d think that is something that’s decided by the paddler, based on their desire & skill level.


paddle trails
Might be better to look for paddle trails or water trails in your area. These generally include campsites.

Also, maybe let us know the area you are considering and maybe we can point you directly to some resources. Locations, plus type of paddling/type of boat, would be good.

By state
Mississippi has one published by a state university that covers every navigable waterway in the state.

I have a book for hiking and another for paddling in AL and a hiking book for FL and another for the tri state Gulf Islands National Seashore, all published by “Falcon Guides” has an App
Launch site locations in USA and Canada. “Launch Sites”, or do a search for in the play store, it’s free.

B&N sells Moon campground guides. The Moon California guide by Steinstra or Moon Colorado are annotated for use age.

Excellent resources.

List government camping

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list government camping river access

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ssd noaa gov gulf

nws 33931

For NY Adks there is the Adirondack Paddlers Map. It shows all of the state campgrounds on the water as well as most designated river and lake wilderness campsites.

As others said I doubt there is a national guide of any sort. You will have to plan on a state by state basis.

As mentioned by others you’re probably best off using state water trail guides to find camping on rivers or lakes that you’re interested in paddling. The launch site guide here could be helpful also.

But what I’ve found to be somewhat problematic is finding campgrounds along the way to those rivers or lakes that I’m interested in paddling. Its really nice to have some discretion about how many miles to drive in a day, what time to start driving, where a bite to eat might be found along the path, and planning all that prior to leaving is a PITA. I used to find myself in, lets say, someplace like eastern S. Dakota with the sun sinking fast and no idea where the next campground of any sort might be found. Sometimes I’m not looking for a “destination” as much as a place to legally pitch a tent for a few hours before moving on. I suppose I’m not unique in getting into that situation.

Then a friend put me on to this… The Next EXIT (before you exit). It lists all the services available at each exit on all major interstates, and is usually accurate.

I’d suggest picking up a copy. I’ve found it to be handy not just for campgrounds but also auto shops, restaurants, motels… whatever.

Happy travels.


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