Seeking Royalex/Kevlar Canoe Recommendations

Thanks for reading. This place seems like it has all the answers-so here I am. I have done a decent amount of research but I am still undecided.Can anyone recommend me a royalex or kevlar canoe that would satisfy the following parameters:

-Tandem but able to ride solo
-I am 6’ 1" 200lbs and am no expert
-Suitable for a full Allagash trip
-Able to do at least Class II Rapids
-Some sort versatility/all purpose aspect to it so I don’t have to buy another canoe just yet.
-As fast as possible on flat water
-Trying to buy used without spending crazy money
-I live in Maine so if you know of anything around for sale let me know!

I know the list is long here but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Many Thanks

Well, there are quite a few recommendations, but they can be like hens teeth to find. Probably better to see what’s available locally, and run it by the forum. One thing, try to find a Kevlar etc boat… that will help with flat water speed.

Hi, AWW,

You’re wanting a boat that has conflicting design goals. It’s difficult to have a canoe that works well for both tandem and solo and can handle whitewater and travel fast on flat water.

You’d be better off thinking about how you’ll typically use your canoe, not what you might need for occasional use. For example, if you’re more likely to be paddling on flat water or gentle rivers you could always rent a canoe for the Allagash or other multi-day river trips. Will you be paddling solo most of the time or do you have a reliable tandem partner?

Try to narrow down what you really need and you’ll get suggestions for a canoe that best fits those needs.