Seeking Serene Fall Color trip mid Oct

Paid Researcher or Free Adive wanted ASAP: (like today or tomorrow or sooner the better)

I am a frelance journalist seeking both advice as to which river, and partner(s) for a serene (C1 and some C2 is fine) peak fall color canoe trip within 5 hrs of Minneapolis, ideally starting around Oct 15 or so, for maybe 3 days.

I would like to write a piece about great fall color canoe trips, including ones that can be done mid and late October. I have already done the Namekagon, and rivers in NH and ME and and West VA, and know of the Flambeau for early Oct trips.

I would be extremely grateful for any help you could give. I need to decide asap, so if you can call me at 415 845 7012 my cell, in California, that would be fastest. I’d be happy to credit any authors or outfitters you recommend.

If you don’t know, can you refer me to anyone.

Also might you know how to reach Mike Svob who is expert on So wisconsin rivers, or author of a book on Iowa riverr, or anyone who might know about rivers in NE Iowa?

–gary krane ,, 415 845 7012cell, land: 510 832 4033

P.S> I am also looking for a compatible partner, and can pay all expenses.

PPS Happy to pay a consulting fee if you advice pans out

Crow Wing River
I haven’t paddled it but if I were out there, that’s where I’d try. Feel free to send cash and/or canoes.

Northeast Iowa

– Last Updated: Oct-09-05 10:30 PM EST –

The premier northeast Iowa river is the Upper Iowa River. It has lots of high limestone bluffs (some are probably well over 100 feet) and is devoid of any signs of civilization other than highway bridges. The best parts are upstream of Dekorra. A usual two-day run is from Kendallville to Dekorra, with an overnight stop at a private campground at Bluffton. On the second day, watch for Melanaphy spring on the left. There's a little hiking trail leading up to the spring, which is very nice. The Upper Iowa River is a must-see, which will be hard to believe for anyone who has seen much of Iowa. Other nice NE Iowa Rivers are the Maquoketa and the upper parts of the Cedar. I've heard that the Wapsipinican is nice too.

Photos of Upper Iowa River:

Melanphy Spring:

Iowa Paddling Resource
The UIR (Upper Iowa River) would be an excellent choice, with the famous chimney-rock bluffs from Kendalville to Bluffton, followed by a more agrarian section to Decorah, and a more wilderness section below Decorah. You might also consider sections of the Turkey, Maquoketa, or Wapsipinicon. I would recommend that you get in touch with Nate Hoogeveen, author of “Paddling Iowa.” He, along with the rest of us Iowa paddlers, and plenty of info on various Iowa rivers, can be found on the website:

A posting on the website will likely bring out any number of people willing to help you navigate their favorite rivers. FYI, fall colors will probably be peaking the weekend of Oct 15.

Mackinaw Island
Not a river but one of the best fall trips I ever took for color was to Mackinaw Island at the north tip of Michigan. You are looking for maples in the Upper Midwest? I don’t think those are the dominant species you are going to see.