seeking solo 13

I am looking for a light weight (45# with a seat in it), tough solo canoe that can handle up to class 3 with a cloth cover. The Mohawk Royalex Solo 13 is my target at the moment but an xl 12 or 13 might work too if cut down to seat height. Dagger impulse might work but I want to have some speed and avoid Probe- Encore-Viper eagernes to spin. I will be at the Ozark Rendezvous in May with extra time on either end to go boat hunting. Anyone have an old river runner to sell? Pete 920 459 8795

Which xl12 or 13 do you mean?
The ww boats are as slow as the Impulse and Ovation. You might luck out and find a used Mad River Guide/Solo for $400 like I did, complete with fitted spray cover. But I’m not sure that a spray cover would be that useful in the Ozarks. From my experience on the Buffalo and Eleven Point, I think you want a flattish shallow arch boat with relatively little rocker. Such a craft will slide over gravel bar rapids better than rockered, rounded ww boats. Some here have nominated the Mohawk Odyssey which fits my description. (The MR Guide/Solo has somewhat more rocker.)

I was referring to Mohawk xl12 or 13

thanks for the input.
A little more background: I currently paddle a mad river compatriot which I reverted to when I stopped paddling class 2-3 water seveal years ago. Now I have time and renewed interest in paddling here in Wisconsin as well as Ozark type water. I have owned a mad river courier and a Dagger encore in the past but much prefer the acceleration and speed that seem to go with the light weight less rockered boats. I have test paddled the solo 13 and the oddesy 14 on flat water and found the solo 13 much more responsive.

the smaller the craft the less skin
resistance there is. Thats all. Its not got that much to do with weight as the weight of the boat is a mere fraction than that of the paddler.

I have used the Solo 13 on Ozark streams and while its not a whitewater boat it does fine on those ledges with its boxy bottom.

You really have a MR Compatriot ?!?
That was my first solo boat, bought in 1973. It was really a bit too small, but the Courier did not exist then. I beat the hell out of the Compatriot, and it took the abuse, but when it got a rash (hydrolysis blisters all over the gelcoat), I junked it.

my thoughts
I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. I wanted a canoe that I do not think exists, 12 or 13 feet- 2 inches of rocker- flared bow and a hung seat. I guess the Bell Spitfire? comes close but I could not find one. The closest I found was the Mohawk xl 13. However, I do not have the cash for a new boat and found a deal on a real WW canoe that I am going to get Saturday. I am getting a Mad River outrage.

I have a Vagabond from wenonah so the outrage will give me an honest WW boat. I think that ultimately the Outrage will make me a better paddler because with so much rocker, I will have to improve my onside forward stroke to keep it straight. Plus I will have all the boat I need for the class 3 stuff I want to paddle.

Just a thought, I can not say I am making a good decision as I do not have the boat yet.

I think you’re on…
the right track. With an experienced paddler, just about any solo of 14 feet or less will handle up to class III IF you have a “cover” or plenty of flotation bags. But for Ozark type water (which is what I mostly paddle), you don’t need a canoe with much if any rocker…unless you plan on doing the St. Francois Mountain streams in high water or some of the steep Arkansas creeks. I have a Wenonah Vagabond, and it is just about perfect for normal Ozark streams.

On another note, I have paddled my Vagabond in some nIce rapids with no problem, including a few busted old lowhead dams with 2plus foot standing waves.