Seeking your info for cockpit cover/spraydeck for my NDK Lattitude 1

I’m happy to join this community of fellow happy paddlers!
I’m seeking advice from fellow NDK Lattitude 1 owners- what brand and size of cockpit cover and spraydeck do you own? I need to buy each item for my lovely Lattitude that I bought used last year… have occasionally roamed the web seeking info for what will fit my cockpit size (NDK/E according to Seals) and don’t find any tangible/easy info. My cp is 35.75" by 17.75" on outside coaming. I was initially looking at Seals nylon with hull strap, or full neoprene covers… do I really need to get a custom cover/deck made? I care about quality and will pay for a good quality item that will last me many years of service. What do you have that actually fits your Lattitude (original model)? Thanks so much for your help!!! SusanZ

Welcome to Paddling .com and welcome to the wonderful world of NDK. While I am not a Lattitude owner I do have an Explorer LV that lives with me with an also unusual (for North America) coaming (Seals NDK-C, 16 1/2" X 30 1/4"). Many posters on the NDK Owners Facebook goroup recommend Whetman Equipment for spray decks & they may have a fit for your Lattitude. If not, they may be able to point you in the correct direction. I’m about to touch base with Kayak Waveology ( to check on tunnel size as they show having stock of a Whetman deck that shows speced for my LV.

Your cockpit is a fairly standard size so you should have lots of choices.

For spray decks, I’ve had good luck with Umingmaq Touring Center in Wisconsin through their website. You might want to give them a call. Though not an NDK dealer, they do sell several similar lines of British made boats so they are good at finding the proper fit for higher end sea kayaks. They stock the Peak UK skirts and helped me with a conversation on the phone to pick the right one for my P & H kayak. I think yours would take the Peak UK “composite” size (which comes in 3 different waist tube sizes) in their neoprene skirt, or the “Keyhole” size in the nylon skirt (the one I have.) I had previously had Seals and Snapdragon skirts but have been very impressed with the quality of the Peak UK and it has become a favorite that fits several of my boats with cockpits around 35" x 20".

As for cockpit covers, Umingmaq has the very nice Peak UK neoprene cover in a range of sizes as well – I think the “keyhole” size would fit your coaming.

slightly smaller than a Current Designs Titan cockpit coaming.