Seen any 4" Quik n Easy rack mounts?

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I have been totally stymied in my search for a set of 4" Quik n Easy roof rack mounts. You can find the larger 7" ones new and used all over the place. But I don't need them. I've got an old 76 BMW 2002 and the only Quik n Easy mounts that'll look appropriate on it are the 4"ers. So what I guess I'm asking is, if you know of any, could you please let me know about 'em? Me, my kayak, my surfboard, and my trusty rusty old 02 would thank you muchly!

Q&E Mounts

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I have an old set in good shape (4 Quick and Easy Towers) I will sell you. I have had them for quite a number of year, but they are not getting any use at the moment.

email sent!
email sent. thanks!

4"ers …
okay, still looking for a set of the shorter 4" tall ones. anyone? anyone? thanks!

I think I got mine
from Priagus , they used to advertize on this board all the time 5-8 yrs ago . They specialized in the Boundry waters area , might be in the canoeing outfitters shopping link .

good luck


Why wouldn’t you make your own post for this?

Hello Kaz I am looking for some of the Quik-N-Easy brackets, Can you send pics and price to