Seen in Seattle several years ago


OK, but don’t overdo it or the new shirt will have to read like this:

I kayaked naked
and toasted my buns!


charred my churro


crisped my cruller

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Having paddled in Puget Sound, that water is cold , even in the summer. My cheeks were rosy even through the seat pad and a thick pair of shorts. Paddling naked up there, you could possibly re-enact the flag pole scene from A Christmas Story, but with a different part of your anatomy. Paddling naked in warmer climes would be preferable.

Ah, yes, the water is cold all year there.

The sun, however, shines bright and clear in summer, or more so than it does the rest of the year.

I skipped sunscreen when living there, except in summer. Uncovered skin will burn even there.

We used to paddle naked often. In the Boundary Water we had 4 couples. All of the swimming was without clothes and a lot of the paddling.

Some years ago I had a big Thanksgiving celebration at my house. Old friends from Colorado flew in for the festivities. I took them to the local hot springs resort. This was a fancy place with a spa and admission. There were nine of us in a big concrete hot tub. . I looked over and there was a pile of bathing suits that just kept growing on the concrete deck. Young people need to learn to loosen up.

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