Seizures and paddling

other sugar ideas…
I, too, prefer juice when I go low but I have found that Airheads will work in a pinch. Best part is that they fit in my PFD pocket and I even store a few in my 1st aid kit. Small, self contained packets of candy whose wrapper holds up to all kinds of water exposure, hot or cold.

To help your sites to stick better, try some IV prep on the skin first.

type V pfd
A type V pfd is ANY special uses lifevest( like high-float, safety, rescue, etc.) The ones with a collar are considered a rafting (or outfitter) style and may or may not be a type V (unless it’s a high float vest which is a special uses for big water rafting). If you’re concerned about keeping your face up and floating on your back then go for a rafting style vest with a support collar like the America’s Cup Ultra Float Life Vest.