Selecting a Canoe Footbraces

Hello All,

I’ve a royalex Argosy that I’d like to install a footbrace for when in the sitting position. I’ve used the Wenonah footbrace and it works fine as long as you’ve adjusted it prior to launch. Can anyone suggest another suitable footbrace that is capable for adjustment while on the go?



I use the Wenonah slider in my
royalex Bell Wildfire / Yellowstone Solo and am able to adjust it while in the boat. It’s the second brace described by Eric in the above post.

Here’s The Easiest Adjustable I’ve Used

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Slide lock footbraces, very easy to adjust with the toes, or easy to reach down with your hands. I believe they're made by Wilderness Systems. Got mine on E-bay a couple years ago and installed them in my Mad River. Here's a link to the footbraces themselves and to a pic of them in my canoe.

Having used both of the Wenonah
braces, new and old styles, I have to say i like the old style better.

I have the newer braces with the knob locks in two canoes, an and Sundowner I retrofitted it to, and my Voyager in which it replaced the older style brace.

I have the older braces (with the wing nuts) in both of my Advantages.

I like the new style brace in my Sundowner as it is quick and easy to adjust and lots of different people end up paddling that canoe.

I wouldn’t even think of putting one in either of my Advantages as I paddle them myself and don’t need to change the setting. The newer, more easily adjustable ones are difficult to get tightened enough where they don’t slide a little when paddling really vigorously.

I really like the idea of the Yakima kayak braces with the crossbar added and am very likely to switch to them in my Voyager which gets adjusted for conditions and to make up for the way it’s loaded when tripping.

Wenonah Footbraces
Well, that’s really why I posed this question because my experience with the newer style Wenonah footbraces hasn’t been that good. My Prism has the newer style and every once in a while the bar slips as you mentioned.