Selecting a YAK, finishing the process

I’m new to Kayaking; as a matter of fact I’m just getting started. I’m in the process of determining what boat(s) I should get and as I’m sure the rest of you already know, this is a rather involved process. I will probable buy two completely different boats (hopefully one used to keep cost down).

A tandem sit-in for general purposes but still good as a solo for recreation and fishing (leaning towards the Pamlico family 135T, 145T bust also interested in the Liquidlogic Zirconia and maybe the Old Town Loon 140/160).

The other Kayak will be a SOT primarily for fishing in lakes, canals and the Keys. I don’t see myself going offshore in the ocean. (I like the Tarpon 140, 160i and the Liquidlogic Manta Ray 14). I like some of the features of the Manta Ray but I believe it’s a relatively new yak so I’m finding it hard to get information or reviews.

Any feedback would be grateful. I’m not necessarily in a hurry but would like to have both these boats in my possession before a Sept camping trip to the Carolinas.



Loon 160T and Tarpon
I believe both are good choices. I own a 160T and it is a great boat. You can slide the seats to paddle it solo or paddle tandem of course.

The Loon does paddle fairly effectively when you are sitting solo but a rudder kit can be helpful. It is a big boat to handle alone with no braces or custom seating.

The Pamlico 145T also offers this feature and is probably a little easier to control and it is shorter and has a narrower hull than the Loon.

On that note, all the Wildy boats are awesome. I prefer the Tarpon over the Pamlico. It is a super functional boat and one of the nicest SOTs I have paddled.


I have a T160i and had a 160.They are
great boats.If rough water is in the forecast, it is my first choice.My other boats are canoes.

I have a 135T and have paddled
the Old Town tandems. In my opinion, the 135T is a better boat with respect to speed, tracking, stability and maneuverability.

It’s a little heavy (as are most tandems) and awkward to paddle as a solo.