Selecting Inflatable kayak for two dogs

Hi – I am looking to start kayaking with my two dogs on lakes – one is about 85 pounds and the other is about 65 pounds. I’m looking for an inflatable so that I don’t need a rack and it is easy to pack. I’ve been looking at tandems that can be modified for solo paddler.

I’ve looked at the Advanced Element Advanced Frame Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak and the Aire Tomcat. Any suggestions about what to look for and brands? Has anyone used inflatables with large dogs?

Thanks. Suzanne

suggest these as they are stable, will hold lots of gear/dogs with a high weight capacity and are decent to paddle. Stability should be high on your list and these are stable: Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Tandem:

Saturns are very durable with high quality valves and very stable:

Avoid SeaEagle 330 and Sevylor Tahiti styles as they are not stable, especially with bigger dogs and they don’t paddle well at all. Avoid a kayak with the basic Boston style valves if possible.