Selecting New Sea Kayak

Would like the benefit of other owners’ experience in narrowing my search for a new sea kayak. I would be using it primarily for day trips in open water and coastal cruising, so storage capacity is not a priority. I don’t plan on using it for playing in the surf.

My priorities are, in order:

Light weight. (Will pay more for composite.)

Speed over stability.

Tracking over maneuverability.

Cockpit comfort. (I’m 6’1”, 185lbs.)

I realize that to some extent I’m describing a boat I already own, an Epic V10, but I’d like something a bit less extreme.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

QCC-700 or Epic 18
jack L

outer island
Might try the Impex Outer Island, the fiberglass version of Jay’s wood stripper. Nice straight tracker that’s actually pretty :slight_smile:

Or…build it :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Force 4 - ?
The Force series by Impex have a little stronger tracking than many kayaks yet still plenty maneuverable - many people seem to like them. The hull speed is a lot faster than the high rockered brit boats and would fit your request list well.

Thanks Guys
Appreciate the feedback. I’ve got a local Impex dealer so I should be able to demo them. I’ve seen them and I like the hull shape.

I’ll try to track down someone with a QCC700. I’ve certainly heard good things about both the boat and the company.