selecting seat position

Hi all

I’ve just gotten my first boat. I’ve always rented or borrowed before, so this is my first time to set it up to suit me. Are there any guidelines about how far back/forward to position the seat? Obviously I need to find the right distance between the seat and the foot pegs for comfort, but I’m not sure if it’s better to set the seat back farther, move it farther forward or what. Any advice?

I like a window seat.

I prefer to be close for good leg thrust on a short race and far away with just my toes on the foot brace for cruising…

You Can Adjust the Seat…
forward and back? What kind of boat is it?

Every kayak I’ve paddled had adjustable footpegs and a stationary seat.

I was wondering the same
Usually you can adjust the back band, but not the seat.

If it is a fixed seat, get yourself nice and comfy using the back band and then adjust the foot pegs.



WW boat?
A lot of whitewater boats now have adjustable seats for fore/aft trim.

That’s Smart
Every kayak should be like that. We leggy folks need it pushed back.

What boat?

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If it's a WW boat, then angstrom's advice. The bow should mayhaps be able to be pushed down by your leaning forward, but it shouldn't drop under the edge of the water willy-nilly. (my husband is just trying to get his used Inazone balanced on this one himself)
If a long boat, some of the sea kayaks out there have a couple of positions available. Like my Vela. In that case, whatever makes the cockpit fit right is the correct position.