selection suggestions

I am looking to buy a kayak and was looking for suggestions on boats or what to look for. I would consider myself beginner moving into intermediate. I am upgrading my cheap 12’ pelican so I can start doing 2-3 day camp trips. I will mostly do rivers, slow moving and lazy to quick and sharp turns and some with one or two short sections of class2 (nothing iI haven’t been able to handle in my cheap pelican). Also would like the ability to do the occasional flat water lake and maybe take my 75 pound dog on some calmer trips. I am currently looking at the Pungo 120 (for the dog), axis 12, and rip 12. What are thoughts on these or any others?


Seriously, you and a 75lb dog just aren’t going to fit in a Pungo, never mind an Axis or a Rip. I had a Pungo for a while and while I quite liked it, I can’t see putting more than about a 25lb - very well behaved - dog in there with a paddler.

I think you should look into a canoe.

once several decades ago I went down the Pine river in Michigan with a 75 pound German Shepard in the canoe.

There was much yelling and pain. I won’t do it again.

That’s funny, the pine is a river I had in mind, I sure wasn’t going to take the dog on that one though, lol

but enough about the fishermen

…the Pungo is for the dog, and you’re trying to decide between the Axis and the Rip, is that it?

Will you tow the dog, or does he have a working forward stroke? Towing complicates things.

Isn’t this a repeat?
Of the Sept 21 post from this OPer?

If I got that right, the dog part has already been discussed.

Somewhat. There seemed to be some confusion the last time and everyone thought I was taking my dog down the rapids so I tried rewording my question and adding some suggestions from it.

So let’s forget the dog then, which of these or any others may be a goodfit for me?