Self-Adhesive Minicell and Royalex?

Today the UPS guy delivered minicell knee pads for my Royalex canoe. When I ordered them, I hadn’t realized they came with a self-adhesive backing. I’d rather not lose them along the highway someday and am wondering if I should try to remove the adhesive and start over with contact cement. Thoughts?

Just my opinion…
Self adhesive knee pads aren’t.

At least the 2 pair that I tried didn’t adhere to my royalex boats for very long. Didn’t lose them on the road; they basically just starting peeling off very slowly. I finally had it with the hassle, ripped em out & replaced them.

I think boats being transported & sitting in the sun during the summer heat is what does them in…same reaction occurs as using a hair dryer to heat up decals you want to remove. Haven’t used any self adhesive outfitting in over 10 years, and will never use any of it again.

Shortly after I post this, Jonah will post that he used self adhesive pads on the ark, and they’re still sticking to pieces of timber on top of Mount Ararat.



Hi! Jonah here
but you have to remember Jonah is frozen and seldom sees the sun.

I havent lost my self adhesive pads on the road. They dont adhere as well as I would like though.

I think that they will stick for awhile and you will notice an edge or two pulling up as you are on the river. Then you will get annoyed, yank them out and use a proper adhesive.

I haven’t lost any while cartopping,
and mostly they have stayed in place. I would not argue that they are as secure as minicell applied with contact cement.

Self-adhering minicell sheets are great for improvising body-fitting foam structures. Carving minicell block or contact-cementing sheets are both much more time-consuming.

If it was me, I would use
Weld wood contact cement.

I have found that self adhesive on any material is not as good as contact cement on both surfaces.

I just used it on another application, (and have many times before) and it took a little longer for the cement to set on top of the adhesive then it did on the minicell, but it worked just fine



Agree with thebob and jackl
After a couple of years of freeze/thaw cycles, I lost one of four to the highways and decided to rip them out. The areas that recieved the most long-term pressure from knees were stuck fast, whereas just about all other areas were ready to fail or already detatched. I think the peel & stick adhesive is an acrylic, but I’d go with jackl’s suggestion of painting over it with contact cement as if it weren’t there.

Bob, That Was Noah…
…and the self-stick minicell was still intact when I did that Mt. Aarat trip a few years back. I looked at the ark, but decided it would be a bit too large to convert to a solo boat! WW