Self bailing kayak????

I was just browsing the classified ads for Florida and came across this:

New --First self-bailing composite sea kayak ,epoxy/glass/ polyurethane finish, bulkheads,bow /stern hatches adjust. pedal control rudder,17 ftx23". Photos available. $2100

From the attached photo I couldn’t see any difference from a “normal” sit-inside kayak, what the heck is a self-bailing kayak?

Just a kayak with a couple of holes in the cockpit?

Probably has an electric pump installed


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You SINK types probably don't pay much attention to the SOT world, so it's no surprise that you don't recognize the Kaskazi Skua. It's made in South Africa in both SINK and SOT versions. One of the SOT versions also has a removable "cowl" to give a more traditional SINK appearance and allow the use of a spray skirt. It's self bailing because it has venturi scuppers in the footwells.

You can read a nice write up on the Skua and see some detailed pictures of the standard SOT version here:

Venture Sport imports them and there are some prices and pictures here:

First of all
I would like to give the most sincere apologies for not recognising the famous Skua but, as you said, I’m a SINK type so…

I might be wrong but the kayak in the photo doesn’t look like a SOT with the shell that allows the use of a spray skirt but rather a regular SINK therefore I do not understand how can the cockpit not be constantly full of water if the holes are below the water level.

Just like a surf ski/SOT inside…

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.. but with overdeck/coaming too.

Seat a bit higher, some water in the footwells when stopped, all drains out when moving due to venturi effect.

Picture with the ad does show a Kaskazi Skua with the optional deck attached. Look close and you can see the lines around the edge of the added piece.