Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and new to kayaking. I live at Wrightsville Beach, NC and I want to buy a kayak. I will NOT be using it for surfing…more for exploring the intracoastal waterway and camping trips to close small islands. I am a beginner so I don’t want to start with something super expensive. My question is…for this type of recreation how important is it that the kayak is self-bailing? I have found some nice sit on top kayaks (which I prefer) but many of them are NOT self-bailing. Will this be a problem for me? Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks so much. :slight_smile: Jenn

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Most sit on tops that are worth buying will drain almost completely after a capsize if you flip them over. If you are going to be paddling on the ocean/coast you will flip over and you will have waves fill the boat with water, so yes you do want a “self bailing” sit on top for coastal paddling.

What boats are you considering?

Also look at for more information on sit on tops.

I guess I am getting old, but I thought
the sit on tops had scupper holes.

If they make some high end ones now with out them and that is what you are looking at, why not just get a bilge pump and keep it tethered to the boat or under a bungee like we do with the sit in sea kayaks???

jack L

I am not sure which boat to get…I have no idea. I had looked at our local Dick’s Sporting Goods and liked the layout of the Perception Sport Destiny 12. It’s a little heavy for me (I’m a female) but i like the amount of room it has.

I will check out the link you sent…thank you. Any other recommendations regarding pumps and/or beginner kayaks?

Thanks for your help!

a few things to consider…

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I would stay 12' & preferably longer and invest in a cart to aid in portability. don't know much about SOT's but the one I paddled once got me soaked.

consider used & check out the classifieds here on p-net and scour (in any area you are willing to drive). there is a p-net member named rufus who sells used yaks in the farmville area. you can find his listings on craigslist. if you contact him he can tell you what he has or can get. i bought a used tandem from him and he's very fair and friendly.

Look a bit, try to paddle .

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There should be dealers near you, Dick's is not a great place to find a kayak. Look around and see if you can find a dealer that will let you try out boats. Try before you buy, and look on craigslist, you can probably find a decent SOT for half the price used on Craigs list. Take a paddling class and try out few boats before you buy.

The boat you mentioned should be fine for a starter but you can find lighter SOTs that are good for coastal paddling.

Take a look at the Cobra Revision for what you want to do ...

Also check out Ocean Kayak brand.