Self Bailing Port Help

Hi! I love whitewater kayaking, and wanted to introduce my bf to the sport, so I bought us a ducky. In the past, I have only ever been in hard kayaks, nothing inflatable. The ducky I got is a Driftsun Rover 220, and it has self bailing ports. I’m not entirely sure how these work… Can someone explain? The user manual was lacking in this area.

These ports are screw-off, and I’m not sure if I need to screw them all the way off, or leave them partially screwed on. We have only been on class 2&3 rapids so far in this boat, but every time we hit a big wave and water gets in the boat, it doesn’t seem like its draining. I have left the ports all the way open when this has happened. Please help!

That looks like a nice boat. The only information I could find on the self-bailing ports simply said to close them on flatwater and open them for whitewater. Not a lot of help I’m afraid. Even with the 600 pound rating, my guess is that with both of you in the boat you are sitting low enough that draining will be slow. My guess is that it drains faster with only one of you in the boat.