'self-curing' (UV) fiberglass tape?

A few days ago I was watching a car customizing show and saw the host use a fiberglass tape for a quick repair. The tape required no resin, I’m not sure if it was prepregnated but it is simply rolled over the area and exposed to UV for curing.

Does this product have an application in an emergency kit?

I have used this stuff.
it is pre-impregnated and very very sticky. You just clean the area where you want it, open the package and stick it where you want it. Sunlight (or other UV sources) cure it.

It could be used for emergency repair if you time to let it setup and cure. Quick set epoxies are a better choice. They setup faster and no sunlight needed.

There is UV cure ‘ester’ …
and epoxy UV hardening versions out there.

One could also purchase the resin neat and make your own kit too.

The ‘ester’ stuff in thinner layups does not always get super hard and if you had to repair someting from the inside would be a little tougher to get it to fully kick in.

Works best with bright sunlight but it will still kick in on a cloudy day.

Fun to work with it.

Uv cure will take hold.

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I tie flies and we use a UV cure epoxy that sets in 2mins. It's changing the way we tie flies. No more mess and fuss with so cure epoxy . I'm not surprise that it's finding its way to boat repair. FishHawk

Sun Cure
The both types are readily availabe at Surf Shops. Have been using it for surfboard repairs or several years.

Duct tape works almost as well and is a whole heck of alot easier to remove when you want to fix the boat properly.

Bill H.

It depends on the need

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If you're just looking to be able to get home, duct tape, bituthene, Denso tape, gutter tape, etc. will do the job. The glass tape is a better solution if you're trying to salvage a multi-day camping trip or need a real structural repair.