self load equip for Mazda 3 hatchback?

Having trouble self loading my sea kayak on top of my new Mazda3 hatchback. The bars due to the factory set mounts are pretty close together and the back bar forward on the car.

Tried the Yakima boatloader and quickly put a dent in my side door and thought I was going to hurt myself.

Was looking at the Rhino T loader - any experience with this? Trying to find something to use with my yakima hully rollers and bars. Or I can buy a trailer but trying to avoid this.

I have a valley skerry (16+ft and 65 lbs) and yakima bars with hully rollers on the back bar.

Very frustrated since I used to be able to pack and go within 30 minutes by myself.




Drape a rubber backed fuzzy bathmat across the top of the liftgate and slide up from the back to engage the Hully-Rollers

More Involved:

Buy a Thule Slipstream, although with the plastic Skeray I might suggest using the Hully-Rollers instead of the felt lined Hydroglides that come with the Slipstream.

Either case, make sure you’re parked on a level surface.

See you on the water,


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I use the…
…Slipstream with a Mazda 3 and loading/unloading is a snap.

Use roller

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Here is a roller that would work on rear slot of hatchback. Just fits in between the slot in rear hatch door.

This local kayak shop sells them

like the suv hatch fin roller
thanks all for the suggestions but the roller that fits into the back fin of the hatch I think will do the trick and its an easy thing to try - per the post above.

Wish a rug idea would work and its what I used to do - but the back bar is way too far forward on this car.

Yakima sells an extender
bar that works remarkably well.

Yakima ShowBoat
I saw a Yakima ShowBoat last weekend at Canoecopia: it appears to be their version of the Thule Slipstream. The roller bar extends out a little bit over the back of the car so you don’t have to go the towel over the roof route. Their site advertises 34" beyond the rear crossbar.

I have the Slipstream and really like it: I’ve used it on a Subaru Forester and on my current car, a 4 door Golf. I must admit, though, that the ShowBoat looks like a better execution of the concept.

Second the bath mat
It works. It is cheap. You may already have one along to keep the sand out of the car while you change.

Agree with dc9mm & the roller
dc9mm’s post is what I’ve used for years & it makes loading & unloading very easy.