self-loading and rudder on ground

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While I’ve been paddling whitewater for years, I’ve recently taken up touring. Hoisting a 7.5ft kayak to the roof is quite different from attempting the same with a 15ft craft - go figure!

I have a Nissan Xterra with Loadwarrior, and have had to make a custom brace with Mako saddles on the front, and use Hully Rollers on back (no problem with either twisting or beer canning, by the way). My problem is that in order to load and unload, the rudder must rest on the ground, rock, gravel, mud - whatever. Additionally, in order to completely remove the bow from rack, the stern must be twisted, further causing me concern that I may be damaging the rudder.

Is there a kayak cart out there that may have enough ground clearance, and a kickstand or locking wheels, to be able to rest the stern on to assist with this?

Thanks much in advance!

turn the boat over

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and use a foam pad if you want. raise or lower the rudder. I'm sure there is a way to solve this probem.

Paddleboy cart works

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for me. I have the same setup... sharks in front, rollers in back.

I also use a line attached at the stern of the boat with a hook on the other end which I hook over the loadbar once I set the bow on the rollers. This holds the boat in position for cleaning and wiping the sand off the hull before lifting the boat up on the rack.
I use the Original Small end cart

Just my $0.02

knee pads
I keep a foam knee pad (the sort sold in lumber yards) in my day compatment. If I am unloading my boat onto pavement, I simply strap on the knee pad so the stern is not abraided.

(I have Thule Set-to-Go front and Yakima Hully Rollers back.)

Thanks - working on a system
Thanks to all who replied.

Another recent thread about a custom cart piqued my interest, so I am modifying slightly its design to fit my needs. If it works, I’ll figure out how to post pics.

The old bathroom rug ploy
Gotta love it when the wife changes colors in the bathroom again. I get those little rugs that have thick rubber coatings on the bottom for my shop/boat/camping use. Large green one resides at the entrance to my tent when camping. Helps keep the debris out and gives me a dirt-free place to towel dry.

Small one always stays in the truck in case I need a throw-down to protect paint. They stick to a vehicles surface due to the rubber. Great for ad-hoc load carrying.

Try keeping a small one with your gear. Throw it down to rest your stern on. Carpeted side up. Protects rudder. Good barrier between rudder hinge assembly/cables and sand/dirt etc.

Car topping upside down…
…I assume…I load my 14.5 upright, and slide it off the roof towards the driver side door, and set it down right side up…the rudder never touches the ground…

why not simply rotate the yak to cockpit up before it hits the ground, and avoid this…I have to be missing something here…