Self rescue instruction in lower Westchester county

No question that forum members are concerned about safety, but when someone asks for info about kayaking classes, that shows they are seeking formal advice.

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But in the meantime they’ve been out there.

I understand, but he sounds like he has pretty good situational awareness.

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Golden sun!

We all do till we don’t. Then it’s what you have in your bag of trick’s or in you reserves. I’m 70 in a few weeks. Probably never paddled faster or longer than I can now. Experience, better stroke, stamina still great, all of the above? No clue what next year will bring, nevermind another ten years.

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I’m not sure about classes local to you, but when you find one it should include how to use a paddle float. If not, then maybe find another class. A paddle float has a few great uses for stabilizing yourself, one of which is use as a pontoon on the end of your paddle with the other end fixed to the deck or gunnels. You should definitely practice the wet exit and re-entry in your class, too. It’s also good to practice that independently every season. I went out in the spring this year and on my first paddle practiced my lay back roll, which failed. I was close to shore so I could have just walked out, but I used that as an opportunity to practice re-entry and found that my feet were numb by the time I got back into the boat. I like to think that my roll will work when I need it, but it’s good to have other skills, too, and practice them.

What is your camera setup? I’ve tried carrying my camera while I paddle but I worry about taking it out of the dry bag (and I don’t really like storing gear on the deck). How do you stow the camera when you’re paddling?

Same here PaddleDog52.

I keep my camera in a small dry bag whenever I launch and when I’m getting out of the water. While paddling I keep it around my neck.
I use a Canon rebel Sl2 with a 28 to 75mm lens.

Thanks Jyak. I have abetter understanding how this message board works.

I dont hurt enough yet to slow down long enough to take pictures. Thats why I like looking at everybody’s pictures. I hope I’ll take more time next year to explore.

We are just trying to sell you a nice 17’ sea kayak and a full set of lessons.

Be safe.

Drysuit and a ton of other gear. Possibly new cameras also. :laughing:

Right. Thanks.

I may be able to help, I am an Instructor from Poughkeepsie. I’ll be attending the Newtown Community Pool Sessions (Connecticut) and I would recommend attending. People at the pool sessions are always very nice and happy to help teach you if you ask for assistance.
Link to the facebook group:


got it.