Help me find the ideal self-shuttling vehicle!

I’m trying to get out on the water more often. This usually means more trips alone and I’m getting tired of “out and back” trips. So I’m looking something with more power than a bicycle and less than a Harley, that would fit in/on a minivan.


$499.00 and 60 KPH

Might grow hair on your paddles! NM

Thats some unforgiving geometry on that little scooter!

If you don’t want the wonderful
excercise that a bike will give you, and you don’t want the wonderful excercise that going against the current will give you, and you don’t want a Harley;

Then I have the answer:

Paddle flat water in a small lake, say six or seven miles in diameter. Follow the shore line and voila, no shuttle needed and you will be at your put-in/take-out all by yourself.



Are they street legal???

In Places…

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Brakes, Turn Signals, headlights, also need to check in your state, but most states do not view these as Motor vehicles, so ride like you would a bicycle....but no pedalingrequired ...and no need for a license plate, insurance, etc......

OT: I know a fellow who commutes onto Redstone Arsenal on a similar scooter, because his post driving priviledges are suspended. (Drives to the gate, and scooters on to work from there).

Or perhaps the Segway. Having said that though, those segways are slow, seemingly a max speed of about 16-18mph which is easily done on a road bike.

A moped is slightly faster on the straights and street legal…


Would be hard to strap your canoe on
may be easier to get a friend interested in paddling with you. Take on vehicle to take out and one at put in.

Leave the canoe.
I’m assuming his method was to drop the moped at the take out, then take the car/canoe to the putin. then canoe to the moped and leave the canoe there, moped back to the car and then back to the canoe at the take out to pick that up. Assuming the OP has a vehicle that can carry both the moped and canoe…

Sounds complicated, eh?


Years ago
Some ten years or so ago, back when I was hard core into the whitewater thing, I would always just hitchhike. It worked quite well at the Ocoee and the Nantahala, might not have worked at spots like Tellico and such. It never took long to get a ride and I met a lot of interesting folks (paddlers and otherwise). Guess it isn’t a good idea any more though, seems like there are too many “crazy folks” out there these days.

Eek! I’d prefer a nice little Vespa! :slight_smile:
I’ve a actually been thinking of getting a scooter myself (probably a Vespa; either 150cc or 200cc), so that along with my two bikes (road and mountain), I can cut down my car driving to almost nothing (I’m pretty close to that already, but cutting it down more would be even better! :-)).

Though towing a boat locally with my mountain bike is no problem, it might be nice to be able to take the boat even further up or down the coast for day trips without having to use the car. I would also use it for the beautiful (and very hilly) 8 mile coast road commute between here and work…with at least twice the fuel efficiency of my car (and being perhaps a bit more enviro-friendly in other ways as well).

I think that a scooter can be a wonderful alternative to a car for those of us who don’t need a full grown motorcycle, yet still want to go further/faster than our bicycles can take us for certain types of trips.


Adapt a bike trailer…
…to work with a scooter? As I mentioned in my previous post, this is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Unless there’s some legal restriction against it, I don’t see why some kind of a light weight bike trailer system couldn’t be adapated to work with a scooter (at least for travel on quieter, rural roads).


Does sound pretty cool. My concern would be power. The scooters don’t have much. I realize that these trailers are lightweight, but these scooters are usually geared for speed and not towing. Just thinking aloud here, cuz I just thought that if you got a scooter that was made to carry two and rode it solo, it just might work. Also, these bicycle trailers have low speed wheels on them. I would recommend, if you do this, don’t go above bicycle speeds. There are some lightweight trailers out there made for higher speeds that use motorcycle wheels. Might be too much weight for a scooter though.