Seliga canoe?

Hi yall. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a place i can buy a used seliga. i know its a longshot but i am willing to pay TOP dollar. thanks. hope to get to know you all soon. -paul

Seliga canoe?
please keep this one active.

Talk To Steve Schon At Piragis…
…I bet if you tell him what you’re looking for he’ll keep his eye out for you. E-mail Duluthmoose here on, and ask him the same. Concentrate your efforts on the Arrowhead of MN and you should be able to pick one up in short order. I remember a beautiful blue one I ALMOST bought there a long time ago. Couldn’t justify the $1200 or so at the time. Now, that seems like a small price for such a beautiful canoe. WW

Haven’t seen a used Seliga recently
I second Terry’s advice. Steve may know of one. Another possible lead would be to contact the folks at YMCA Camp Widiwagan ( and see if they know of one. These folks are now building Seliga canoes for their own use. If you are interested in Bell’s composite version of the Seliga, Pirgasis rented out one this summer and their practice is to sell them at the end of the season. The boat they had has been sold for this year. But you could express interest in next year’s used boats.

try this out
It’s a dedicated wood canoe site. Many good people that are always willing to help out. There’s also a classified section for sales. Might be a tough find on that Seliga. They don’t last long if you do find one listed. Good luck.

Here’s a good place to start too.