Sell a Canoe?

What is the best way to sell a canoe? My wife and I want to sell our lighly used Dagger Reflection, or, perhaps trade it for a recreational kayak. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

use the classifieds
Click over on the Classified Ads list to the left and place an ad. You’re more likely to find people who know about your boat here than you will in the local paper.

Also the Thrifty Nickel and local news
paper. The Thrifty Nickel can also be viewed via the internet and I’ve found some boats and sold some boats through it. Just remember to renew your ad free before it expires or you have to pay again.

I second that.
I’ve bought & sold using Pnet classified.

And, then, there’s Ebay, but be sure to
set a minimum price. If you live in an area where kayaks and canoes are used a lot, the local newspaper can be good…fewer lookey loos than with thrifty nickle, but less exposure too.