Sell Eddlyline Fathom

Hello fellow paddlers! I have a Eddyline Fathom- their flaghship line, in good condition. Always stored in my garage. Due to shoulder injury, I must sell. I am asking $1150 ( new at $3100). Good price, would you agree?

There’s a classified section for listing items. Also this reads/feels like a scam. Probably because it is (your account is only an hour old after all).

Yes, that’s a very fair price. You can post the listing and photos in the classified section.

Also giving your location is vital.

And as a side note:

If there is a classified section it sure seems well concealed.
I’ve never seen it and I see nothing that makes it obvious.

If you click on “Community” up at the top, it gives you additional links to the message boards, classifieds, and newsletter. You have to scroll down, below the “Photo of the Week” part.

Yes, you are correct, it is well concealed!

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You can probably go a bit higher if in good condition. Used boats in good condition often sell for about 50% of street price.

Heck, I’d love to have it myself, but right now we are replacing the well pump and pipe so all available money is slated for that first.

Sent you a PM.

Well things are working out well. It looks like I’ll take it after all.

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never can have to many :laughing:

Oh you probably can.

(running the experiment now. So far so good.)

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Let us know how it works out for ya…

I am home now and I have it in my shed.
I expect to get it in the water Monday or Tuesday.

And how many kayaks is too many? (I know PaddleDog 52is interested)

1 Necky Chatham17,
1 Perception Sea Lion Shadow,
1 Prijon Yukon
2 old town loon 106s
One Pyranha Everest White Water kayak
And 2 Lifetime kiddie kayaks

When totaled …is still 100% ok. Not too many yet.
The secret to a valid experiment also includes sheds.

(I may build another shed some time)

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