Sell Nova Craft to fund kayak purchases?

Looking for suggestions. My two sons and I have been paddling a 2007 Nova Craft Bob Special R-lite Royalex for the past few years. My sons are now 11 and 8 years old and the canoe seems to be getting smaller. Both of my sons had the opportunity to paddle a kayak last year and loved the freedom of paddling solo. To purchase three kayaks, I would need to liquidate the Nova Craft.

My questions are:

How much is the Nova Craft worth? It is in good condition with minor scratches and dings from our enjoyment.

Am I foolish to part with this great canoe? I paid $200 for it! Yes, two hundred. I know it is worth much more than that but I am unable to find any for sale as comparison. It will be more and more difficult for the three of us to paddle it and I don’t see using it if we have the three kayaks.

I am looking at Dagger Zydecos and Old Town Herons for kayaks. Both look like decent starter kayaks that would suit our needs for small lake and river trips.

Thank you for your input!

I’ll give you $300 for your Bob Special

Too bad there aren’t any inexpensive solo canoes for you to check out as an alternative to kayaks.

Where you live influences what price you can get for the used Bob Special, so please provide that information. Maybe create a profile with that information.

Not worth selling for $300
I live in Wisconsin. The light weight Rolyalex alternative appear to be around $2500 new. Thinking mine might be closer to the $1500 range. It was basically given to me from someone I knew for $200. Would not part with it for $300. Wouldn’t make sense to sell unless it was worth $1500 or more. Just wanted to see if anyone knew what it was worth.

I was kidding about the $300.
You couldn’t buy one good new kayak for $300 anyway, so selling it for that much wouldn’t help you.

I don’t think any royalex canoe ever sold for over $2000. I could be wrong.

Royalex is no longer made, so royalex canoes are no longer made.

Around here, such a boat in good condition might sell for from $500 to $1000, depending on specifics.

Easy Pace
Go easy with your acquisitions. Keep the canoe, and get a kayak.

The canoe is getting too small, so buy a kayak and stick one of the boys in it. You and your second boy stay in the canoe. Your tandem will be able to keep up with the kayak. You will have solved the immediate space problem and the boy will love the independence of paddling the kayak.

As to which boy goes where, if you don’t want to be autocratic about it and decree “the big guy gets the kayak,” have them switch each time you stop, including switching you into the kayak and letting the two boys paddle the canoe. Get them working as a tandem team while you are close enough at hand to supervise and help out if necessary.

Down the road, if it seems like kayaking is the way you want to go, get another kayak or two.

Keep the canoe. As the boys grow, they may decide they don’t want to paddle with square old dad, and even if that doesn’t happen, eventually, they are going to go off and leave you, and you can go back to canoeing if you want. It’s also nice to have a canoe for a lot of different circumstances, so I suggest you hold onto it.

It’s also easier on the budget to buy and equip one boat at a time.

What he said

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You'll be oh so glad you did it that way. However, if you absolutely MUST get rid of the canoe you might just call an independent shop, tell them what you're looking to do and ask what kind of trade in they'd give you. And FWIW, the Zydecos are good little rec boats.

The only boats I’ve sold, I regret selling.

another idea
Can you buy one to whet the kids’ appetites? With the expectation that they’d pursue another one? It’d free up some space in the canoe…

I do a lot of dealing in used royalex canoes and I agree with Yanoer that a $500-1000 price range is realistic. Certainly you “stole it” for $200 so its all positive from here! In comparison, I am about to sell a very similar canoe for $550 completely refurbished with no hull damage or issues. Its an Old Town Pathfinder made of Royalex with VERY similar dimensions as the Nova Craft Bob Special. It is about 8 lbs heavier but otherwise nearly identical. You should be able to get $700 for yours if you are in the right market.

You’ll be sorry if you let that Bob go. Very nice all-around canoe. Kayaks are plentiful on the used market. Rx lite canoes - not so much.

Thank you!
Thank you everyone. For the price I could get for the canoe I will certainly keep it. It has been great for us. I like the idea of getting one kayak and keeping the canoe. Thanks again!

Good times ahead!

have fun
the whole summer’s ahead of us!

Dagger Zydeco
New Dagger Zydeco 9 on the way!