selling a kayak

I’m going to be selling my kayak. This is the first one I’ve ever sold. What’s the best way for someone to pay for it? I’m afraid to take a check because it could not be good and I’d be stuck. Also I’m selling it to someone I don’t know, if I knew them I wouldn’t worry about a check.



Craigslist, Ebay
and cash or USPS money order or Paypal only.

Right here in the classifieds
I usually glance here about once a week.

----- Soooooo Whatcha sellin???

if you are selling it locally, cash only. If you are selling it on the internet and shipping, then paypal or something secure like that.

You probably know this, but…
…there is a scam out there where people agree

to send you a money order for more than the

value of the boat, asking you to send the boat

and send them the amount left over from the cost

of shipping.

What they do is send you a conterfeit money


Typically they do this from overseas address

where there is no recourse and the seller is

stuck with the loss.

selling a kayak
Try selling your boat on Craigs list and take only cash if you do this. I have sold kayaks and canoes on Craigs list. I have had good luck with this and would do it again. I put cash sale only in the add so they know that’s the only form of payment Im taking. Get good photo’s of your boat too. I put an add with no photo’s on craigs list and didnt have any hits. Once I put a couple of nice photos’s on the add, I sold the boat the next day. Good Luck!

is good because alot of people go there to check for items. I once posted a want ad, and I got like 10 e-mails in a week.

Just curious, what are you selling??

I bet she is selling
a kayak

I didnt see that post above mine
I geuss I should read the posts before replying

THAT would, however…
…explain a lot of your posts.


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Thanks for the responses. I'm going to be selling the kayak locally and most likely have found a buyer. I was going to try Craigslist but found someone who was interested in the kayak before I did.