Selling a Kayak

I have a Necky Alaho kayak that is in excellent condition and I want to sell it. What is the best way to proceed? classifieds
The classifieds here on are a very good way to sell your kayak.

Do you mean an ‘Elaho’? If so, you should specify exactly and fully what model and material. For example the Elaho was produced in both drop skeg and ruddered version. (The skegged version is shorter.) Note whether your boat is rotomolded (poly) or composite. It is also often helpful to note the age, color, and condition of the boat.

I bought my 3 kayaks off of Craigslist, so you might want to list it there too.

all the above, plus e-bay
also try a local paddling club site.


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....and spend some time composing the ad. Post ads in all Craigslist cities within a 200 mile radius. Include a link to reviews on and photos. Forget Ebay. The selling fees are too high and there are too many flake bidders.


Sell it here on the classifieds. I’ve had excellent luck with this site and tend to get informed buyers and not lookers.

Bill H.

online classifieds
I think craigslist is bigger if you live in the US, but in my region in canada Kijiji is alot more popular, depending on where you live you could try both

I have sold 2 on Craigslist and bought 1. Simply the best resource.

i do not even need to think about buying another boat but the first thing i do each day is check craigslist for canoes and kayaks. you never know which boat might show up.

A Craigslist tip
If you’d like to see what other sellers are asking for similar boats, try this.

Google “KAYAK”

Leave off the quotes and add key words for make and model. If you go to “Advanced Search”, you can be date specific. See what has been added in the last 24 hours, week or month.