Selling kayak advice

Is there a best way to sell a high quality, excellent condition kayak in the off season. I need the money, but I don’t want to take a loss on such a great boat.


several places to list
Obviously here on pnet with free or more comprehensive paid listing. Local paddling club news letter or electronic forum. Craig’s List but be prepared for lots of scam traffic triggered by multi hundred dollar or more item. Buyers on dedicated kayak forums will be better educated as to make and models and what to expect. Less so on CL. Have lots of good pictures and be prepared for folks wanting test paddle.

Age and condition will affect value. Composite boats command at least half to 2/3’s retail. Less than half for poly.

My suggestion:
Right here on P-net.

I don’t believe there is any “off season” for high end kayaks.

People that can afford a high end one will be looking for one for next season -as long as the price is right.

Jack L

location is ‘everything’

Poor locations require more patience.

Dig a hole in the trail, cover with sticks, wait in the bushes.

second the “patience” comment
All of those responding offer good advice and the only thing I’d add it that you may have to be patient to get the price you want.


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Patience will NOT assure that you get your asking price; especially if your price is too high.

You should know up front that you are probably going "to take a hit". I seriously doubt you are going to get anything close to the price you originally paid for the boat. I'd guesstimate you will be quite lucky to get 70% of the boat's original cost.

Remember, you are selling a used boat, and prospective buyers will NOT have any emotional attachment that you might have. I am of the opinion that this time of the year it's a buyers market.

I agree that a dedicated kayakers forum, and pnet are probably about as good as you'll find for selling a high quality kayak.


P.S. Check out the nearly 3 pages (all listed in September) of kayaks offered for sale on pnet classifieds. They don't exactly appear to be flying off the racks.

Thank you
Thank you all for your input!


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Whenever I sell something used I consider how long I'm willing to wait to sell.

If you want to sell more quickly, price it lower. If sale price is a priority, patience is necessary.

Don't freak out if your boat doesn't sell in the first two weeks or to the first buyer.

It has been a buyer's market for over one year and I don't see that changing with regard to high end sea kayaks. If you watch the P Net classifieds regularly, no, they are not flying off the shelves, but some sell faster than others. Why? Price.

High end composite kayaks especially longer ones have not been selling. I got that straight from a huge manufactures rep. this spring. Buyers market. How old and what is it you’re trying to sell. I watch for bargains all the time. I see decent priced kayaks take months to sell if not a year or more. They all say used twice which is a joke when it’s 4 years old. I did get a CD Solstice 2 years old for half what it cust with all the accessories cost, 4 grand no taxes for 1800 and the boat was really used about 4 times or 6 hardly a scratch on it. few other bargains on Nomad and Libra XT. I find most things a 7 years old are worth about 50% or less. If I am paying 4000 grand for new or 3500 for hardly used I’d just go new. Needs to be incentive to go used which like stated above 25-30% off. Dealers in NYC have hing end stuff 5 years old since the crash.

Clean it up
Price it to sell, what you paid really doesn’t matter esp. if you need the money.

Rivermiles forum

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If your kayak is a reasonably fast boat try rivermiles forum. It's the official forum of the mr340 (Missouri river 340 mile marathon). Future participants are always looking for a boat and others are always looking to upgrade. Participants are scattered all over the country and buyers always seem to network and find a ride for there new boat to there location.

Reasonably priced boats seem to sell quickly on this sight.