Selling the Indy; Am I crazy?

I’m thinking about selling the Indy I just bought. As much as I love paddling it, I think that I’m just a touch too big to use it as a tripper.

Am I nuts for thinking of selling or trading it for a bigger solo?

Load it with a week’s worth of gear and
paddle it. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

that is my plan
for tomorrow, assuming that rain dies down.

I’m not overly optimistic. Perhaps someone will want to trade boats with me :slight_smile:

It is a different boat with bow & stern
weighted. I had a different problem-I felt like a kite sometimes when I had no load in the boat. I felt light as a feather which is not good in wind. The first time I took her out loaded with gear, I was amazed. She truly was like a different boat. When you get that boat going, she is sleek and fast.

I second trying the boat loaded.

One Vote for Crazy
Unless you already hate it, keep it for a season. Paddle it.

Learn what it has to teach you.

Even if it’s not the right boat for extended tripping it may be the right boat for day paddling.

If you are still thinking about selling it this fall go ahead.

But at least spend some time with it first.


You make

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a good point Tom. Lets get together soon to do Great Bay or the Exeter

I’m 6 ft./230 lbs.
I bought my Indy so I could grab it and go whenever I can steal a couple of hours. Having it has reinforced my love of being out on the water in an open boat and has improved my skills as a paddler. I say keep it and beg or borrow a boat for your trips!

Aye aye
For me @ 230lbs it’s a ‘chuck on top the truck and get out on the water’ boat for a day, a couple hours, an hour, whatever.

I say keep it.

And another thing.
If it’s that Indy that was on craig’slist a couple weeks ago, you got it for a good price with the spray covers included. Those will make a great boat in the wind even better. Opportunities like that don’t present themselves often, if ever, around here. Unless you really want to flip it for profit, use it for a season. With reasonable care, you can sell it a year from now for what you paid. Like a FREE boat, man!

…Good Day Boat, if I remember right…
Yes…I remember demoing the Indy(early 90s). If it hasn’t changed much it was a pretty fast boat, nice for the “Anything, Anytime”(as mentioned) paddle. Think I’d agree about giving it some trials with more & more gear.


the only
boat i think i[d trade it for would be a swift raven