Semi-dry to dry suit/top conversion

Does anyone have any experience with inserting a latex neck gasket inside the existing gasket on a semi-dry suit or top?

When I bought my Kokatat Super Nova a few years back it was advertised as a dry suit - a low cost alternative to Gortex. Kokatat subsequently changed all advertising to call it semi-dry. I also bought an NRS semi-dry top that is actually very close to full dry. Both the Kokatat and NRS are excellent for paddling under any conditions but do take in limited amounts of water around the neck after several rolls. The situation improves somewhat when I don my neoprene hood since it has both inner and outer collars.

Now that I enjoy “playing” as much as paddling, I’m trying to determine if I need to sell the semi-dry stuff and invest in full dry. Since both my suit and top seem to have excellent wrist gaskets, etc., I would first like to see if it’s possible to insert neck gaskets. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I did.
I have a stohlquist semi-dry top, and I added a neoprene drysuit neck gasket (from Murray Sporting goods) to the collar of my top. Seal-Cemented it to the inside of the top, under the semi-dry collar. Works great. Makes me wonder why more drysuits don’t use glide-skin neoprene neck gaskets. Totally dry, and much more comfortable than latex, IMO.

I did
Thanks Nate. There are many listings for Murray Sporting Goods. Do you have a link I can use?


here you go

The neck seal I used is most of the way down this page. Give them a call to help you pick the right size. They’re very helpful at Murrays.

Good luck