Between paddling jackets/splash wear and drytops, there are sem–drytops. What paddling conditions would one be in that a semidrytop would make sense to own? (these seem to have latex gaskets on the arms, neo at neck)

For someone planning on staying upright, who wants the option of venting out the neck, or who doesn’t like neck gaskets, a semi-dry might make sense. The wrist gaskets are nice for keeping water from running down your arms.

Most Folks Using
semi drytops with neo gaskets are allergic or don’t like latex. I bought a couple because I was getting a rash from latex until I started using silicone grease on my skin where latex touches.

Semi drytop tops can actually be pretty good in keeping much of the water out, depending on the fit of the neo gaskets. Some seepage occurs but minimally. The faster you roll up, the less seepage. If you swim and are immersed for awhile, then expect more seepage.