Senoir paddlers

Wonder how many senior paddlers out there? It might be an interesting thread. I’m a youngest of 65. FishHawk

Senoir Paddlers
This is my first year on the water and I am 61. Kayak is put away for the winter and just waiting for spring. Ice is on the lakes here in Iowa but there is some water moving on the Des Moines River below the dam. Every New Years day a group of paddlers will take to the river and have a blast.

There was a recent thread in which PNet folks were asked to reveal their ages so that an average age could be calculated. Lots of folks responded and the average age was somewhere near 50. I will turn 60 next May

so what you are saying is
this is the sport we all take up when our knees give us too much trouble to do anything else? :wink:

Took up paddling this year
and just turned 70.


Age Is A State of Mind
I don’t know about the “senior” part, but I am a paddler who happens to be 67. My paddling activities include expedition style sea kayaking as well as surfing both a wave ski and a surf kayak. And as of this last summer, I added white water kayaking to my paddling resume.

when your
white water/ surf paddling are unintentional, then maybe you’re old?

I would have answered this earlier but I lost time looking for my spectacles so I could find my Geritol and Vitamins so I would have the energy to sit still for 5 minutes.

I’m a young’un at “almost sixty”(MAR06) but as I told my sister last year when the subject of age came up “Age is in the eyes of the beholder and I be holding my age very well”.

Merry Christmas and stay safe on the water,


I didn’t respond since…
I didn’t want to tilt the average.



I Dunno
what age constitutes becomming a senior. I started getting junk mail from AARP several years ago. I think paddling the last year has made me younger, I certainly feel that way.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Paddling,


I find that the biggest problem…
in aging is that I used to be the youngun in my age group at the various races, but now I am the oldest.

I need a new classification called “Grand-Grand masters”

In order to enter you have to be breathing and still have a heart beat!

“The bride” is so old, they give her the medal before the race starts since there are no other old chicks in her age group.



Old? I think not.!!
Almost 72 yrs old and ready for another year of paddling when the ice is off the lower Susquanna river.


Very close
to 66 and 68. We paddle at least 6 miles on short paddles and up to 20 miles on day trips. We hike 2x a week and paddle 2-3x a week. I also fish from a kayak.

Boy…! You guys sure make me

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feel better at 57..I started ww paddling at 55..I thought I might be past it..

Age in the eyes of the beholder
Last September two young electricians had to do some work in my house. I was showing them the circuit box in the garage, and they saw my kayak. One said: “Something left from your past?”

“No, I bought that new last spring, and recently returned from camping and kayaking in Maine for two months!” I replied. That shut him up! I’ll be 67 in March.

67 and still going strong
Been paddling since I was in boy scouts back in the 50’s. Currently have 2 canoes (solo/tandem) and 2 Kayaks. Paddled all over the midwest, but for the past 10 yrs have concentrated on S.E. Minnesota. Paddle several times a week April-November. The key is keeping active - hiking, walking, light weight exercises. I’ve even published a guidebook for S.E Mn paddling:

Keep on trucking! er - Paddling!

I’m 56 and just bought my first kayak
this past spring. Its the best fishing craft I’ve ever owned and that includes motor craft, a canoe, and an inflatable. Used to primarily wade fish both lakes and streams, even when motorized. Hated the smell of oil and gas all the time. Used a float tube mainly for safety. The kayak is better, gets me more places, and beats the hell out of my canoe when fishing in the wind.

Recently talked to a couple of guys loading a canoe on the lake near my home. The youngest was 73, the owner of the canoe 79 and he’s just bought a new Toyata Tacoma 4WD with a beautiful custom rack system. Gives one much hope for the future.

Gaylordsr just saved me…
…usually I’m the oldest in any group, but I won’t be 72 until October.Don’t actually paddle more than 12 or so times a year, but fantasize doing more. I’m tempting myself to buy a Wavewalk currently, for its presumed stability & ease of entry/exit. The weight is the only drawback, since I just invested in a kevlar Voyager canoe in order to have something light. The W is about twice as heavy-56 vs 26, I think.

I would be interested to know
if any of you old farts race?

If yes is it canoes or kayaks?

I love touring as much as anyone, but find that racing keeps me in good physical shape plus goals to work for.


and Merry Christmas,


Just turned 66.