Seperating a frozen 2-piece paddle ??

I know tricks for seperating a two piece paddle that is frozen toghether has been discussed before, but I wasn’t able to locate those threads. Looking for suggestions on how best to seperate the two pieces that are frozen at the ferrule.

Stuck Paddle
This has worked for me. Soak it in wd-40 overnight. No guarantee this will work. The good news is you might have a new one piece paddle. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

Sometimes two pairs of hands
will give that extra torque you need to twist it free.

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And the ultimate thread:

What I did…
…Nothing was working, so I figured the paddle

was toast if I did not use extraordinary meansures.

I stuck one blad under a door and and twisted

until it moved a tiny bit.

WD-40, and I twisted it back.


Finally it came apart without any damage to the

“doored” blade.

After that, anytime I take it out, I WD 40 it

before I go. If I use it, I take it apart as

soon as I can and give it more WD40.

It was suggested to me to try pouring hot water on one side of the paddle to see if the shaft will expand enough to break the seal. It did.

acress to walk-in freezer
freeze it, it will shrink about 1/5 of a millimeter enough to get it apart. good luck finding a walkin freezer…

local restaruant and grocery store

Is it an Aqua Bound paddle?
My husband has an Aqua Bound paddle that he loves, but it was freezing up recently. I emailed AquaBound for advice and the owner of the company called me…he actually tried 3X before he actually caught us at home. He is concerned because awhile back one of his employees took it upon himself to alter the size/design of the ferrule on a certain batch of paddles and now AquaBound is getting complaints about sticking/freezing…and he is doing his best to avoid getting a bad reputation by personally calling to address those complaints!

THE SOLUTION-He said to VERY VERY VERY LIGHTLY sand off a bit of the metal along the seam, on the ferrule that is inserted into the other paddle half…he left his number with us so if that didn’t work we were to let him know.

I have to say that was the best customer service I have ever received!!

FYI-The problem at AquaBound was corrected awhile ago so newer paddles are fine.

A way to avoid the problem
once you get it apart is to rinse it off when done using it. I just pour a little water on it out of my water bottle and I have never had it be a chore to take apart. I did once and that is when I started to rinse it off.

interesting idea
Never heard of it before, but if it works, it works.

If you can’t find a big freezer, maybe this will work: find a piece of dry ice, wrap it close to ferrule with foil, something insulating on top, wait till you bored. Should have approximately the same effect as freezer, but colder.

good customer service!
I have that problem with aqua bound that I bought last year. So far, I’ve just dealt with it and only took it apart when I absolutely had to. I’ll try the sanding method.

More info on AquaBound problem…
JBruce-If your AquaBound is freezing up on you…my husband said that you should only scrape on 3 out of the 4 “bumps” on the ferrule…and use a knife to scrape it, NOT sandpaper. If you have any questions, drop him an email.

wd 40 is bad
Yes it will loosen a salted in ferrule but it attracts grit for the future…try lubricating graphite instead

Best avoidance is to rinse/ soak in fresh water after your outing and dont store assembled

This method never fails to separate a stuck paddle.

Once you get it apart . . .
Here’s what’s worked for me to prevent it getting stuck again.

First, I used steel wool on the paddle joint to insure that there were no burrs or uneven spots. Next, I applied some bicycle chain lube. Bicycle chain lube (at least the kinds you buy in bike shops) is designed to minimize picking up dirt and debris. It makes the perfect paddle joint lubricant.

I wedged the blade between the cab of
my truck and the toolbox, twisted, but not too hard. It came loose. Much of the time, if the paddles are sticking, its grit that’s causing the problem. Clean the male and female parts. Use only a dry lubricant.