Sept. Paddling in Idaho??

I’m planning a kayaking trip to Idaho the second week in September. I am looking for good class 3-4, I put together a list of runs that seemed promising (ie still have water). Does anyone know if these are likely to still be flowing after labor day? Are there runs that I missed that might be better?

Henry’s Fork of the Snake

Boise, S.Fork

Payette - Main

Payette - Staircase

Deadwood Creek (near the Payette)

Salmon - Green Canyon

St. Joes

Also if any locals are interested in joining us while we are there drop me a line here or email it would be nice to have someone who knows the lines and another vehicle for the shuttle.



Salmon River
My suggestion would be the Salmon from North Fork down to Cache Bar. There’s an 8 miles stretch from Shoup to Panther Creek that’s fun. I used my mountain bike as a shuttle when I’d paddle that section. Just above Cache Bar there’s a tricky new rapid just a few years old. I’ve heard it’s rated class V. I’ve seen it but never had a chance to paddle. That section of river has plenty of camping sites. Spring Creek is a favorite but I prefer Ebenezer farther down river. I never paddled the Payette because I used to live along the Salmon. Have driven along the river many times. In Sept. there’ll be lots a exposed rock. The Salmon is probably your best bet. Henry’s Fork is famous for fishing, not kayaking. If you get a chance drive along the Salmon from Stanley down. I guarentee you won’t be sorry.