September in the Atlantic

too bad we can’t ‘funnel’ the wet stuff from this over the country to the fires out west

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Yeah really… Siting under Sally (nineteen) at the moment… :slightly_frowning_face:

They have some activity but it usually doesn’t go to the places needed.

Sally kinda formed right there in Grayhawlk’s neighborhood. That seems to be happening a lot. Storms developing nearby instead of the typical Africa to Carrabean.

The bad thing is it is saturating the ground. So the trees will be weak when the storm really comes.

Sally will visit my house on Tuesday it appears.

One headline this morn… “Ride Sally Ride”… Not what you want to hear…
Good luck…GH

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Only one more (Wilfred), then we go Greek.

What happened to ole Ursala?
She can really be a…
battering down the sheet pile flanks,
blowing docks to backbay ditch.

Then Vicky’s replaced by Vincent P.,
dashing/off to a Poe man’s dory,
smoking jacket deprave sending out tidal wave,
you’ll pay the Price in its thirteenth story,

And then Wilfred transgends to Willie,
a whopper whipsnappin’ typhoon,
who can style more hair into bird-nest snares
then a coked-up Vidal Sassoon.

Then Xerta, Yuri, and Zelda, too
(or is it Zelda Seen Seven?),
come whipping down to coastal towns,
Alpha Bites of Hell, by heaven!

Sally now a CAT2 take care, Gonna have a lot of fresh and salt water…

Raisins…you getting any surfing in?

10ft & choppy is too much for me.
I went out a few days ago when it was at 5 and choppy.
Got there and realized I’d forgoten the helmet.
Figured it wasn’t too bad out there, went out, after 2 unplanned (is there any other kind in surf?) rolls too close to shore (I could feel the bottom) I figured I was pushing my luck and came in.

How about you - with the NEer and high tides, has your bulkhead been underwater?
The water has been quite high here (on the east side of the downtown Jacksonville water ‘constriction’).

Was at Suwannee River . It rose 6" the days before we arrived, no surf. Rose another inch but quiet. Did their poker paddle. Won a phone dry bag with 3 of a kind.

Water is up to the bottom of the dock. Not in the yard. Looks interesting water. Don’t have time but considered paddling. But Richard Nunn said 20 with gusts to 40…maybe not.

Some friends at the camp had their yard and shed flood. They’re from St Augustine . House flooded in Irma and Matthew , they raised it 10 ft. It was ok.

Rasins…Whoa!!!..…got home went out to bulkhead. It’s three hours to high tide. Guess launching soon would be easier. It is Sept. Water always gets high in Sept. sometimes 25 feet into parts of the yard.

Little over ankle deep.