Serial number of Mohawk canoe

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Where I can a look up what this canoe is. I have the serial number.

Serial number is MMN238790678

From the photo's, it looks like it's made from FG.


If you can post a link to the picture…
If you can post a link to the picture, I’m sure we can identify it. I think the last two digits of the serial number is the year manufactured. Mohawk may be able to help you, they used to keep the historical records when the original owners manufactured them in Longwood, Florida. They have since changed ownership, they may or may not have the records. Here’s a link to their website:

I’ve owned several Mohawk canoes since 1982, spent many a pleasant paddling day in one…




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That "Lake Keel" looks different, something Mohawk apparently got away from by the time I started paddling them in 1982. It looks like a Sears, "Chief" or "Indian River" (all made in Florida during the 70's and 80's) canoe design with that molded in keel. Looks like it's missing it's forward seat, and also looks fairly short, 15' or less...

It may be an early Mohawk "Blazer" design, but I could be mistaken.

Something you own or are thinking of buying?

Thinking of buying
It’s got a crack in it that needs repair.


I’d give it a pass…
I’d give it a pass unless you could get it for $50 or less. That lake keel and short length will make it a poor performer. The fiberglass patch can be done easily, and if was a later 16’ or 17’ “Blazer” it would be worth fixing up.

A fiberglass Mohawk Blazer in the 17’ version is fast and stable (they are actually 17’ 4"), that was my first “Good” tandem boat, bought in 1982. My first canoe was a 12’ “Chief” canoe that looks suspiciously like the one in your photos, it was slow and unstable. I traded a moped for the canoe and a rifle in 1978, I was 17 years old…

Haven’t been without a canoe since, and a lot of them have been Mohawks. Today I have a 15’ Odyssey solo boat in Royalex I use for white water and rocky rivers.

I’m told it’s around 17 feet long.

Here’s a nice mohawk and a great price

Dover, PA.

Looks shorter than 17’ to me…

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The Mohawk 17' had two thwarts, the one in the photo has only one, I bet it is no more than 14' long. Have the seller measure it for you to be sure. Here's a link to the modern fiberglass 17' "Blazer", note the two thwarts: