setting length on first wing

Received my ONNO smaller mid wing 208-218 cm and did the first trial in my Q700 with rudder. I have for many years paddled an AT at 226 cm and a Kalliste at 220 cm, both at a very low angle. I determined to only use a high stroke with the new wing.

Started at 213 cm, which immediately felt too long, and over 2 hr 30 min of brisk high angle paddling, gradually reduced the length to the minimum 208 cm. This best enabled me to plant next to the boat and stay vertical. This short length felt excellent, but I don’t know if I am making a mistake going with what feels best to a neophyte winger, rather than retraining my body for the correct length. The Epic web site, for example, recommends 214 cm.

It is not clear to me how to select the best length.

BTW, the ONNO is beautifully made and surprisingly (to me) easy to use.

Test the size
by boat speed and body fatigue then try it longer and see the differnce. I over the years have moved down in size (shorter) and seem to be faster with is shorter. Good luck. Chaz O ya I’m also using a Onno and they truely are works of art.

Don’t over-analyze
Just make sure you are sitting straight up, planting the paddle at your feet and releasing the paddle before it gets behind you. Try different lengths and go with what feels right.

Remember, size doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with it.

I am not sure that going with what feels right is the best thing. What feels right is using my low angle paddles of many years; the AT and the Kalliste. The new high wing stroke does not feel right, but I believe I am both faster and less tired at the end of a few hours. I have to discipline myself to stay erect, get a good vertical catch, and use plenty of body rotation. The Epic paddle wizard says I should use 214 cm, so I hesitate to go against that expert opinion because 208 or 210 feels more right.