Seven Beaver Lake

in Minnesota between Duluth and Ely. Is anyone familiar with this lake? I’m curious about the river from the road north east into the lake and how boney it might be now. I’m planning to go into this lake in a week. Frank

Fire ban
Hey Frank

If you’ve not heard, there is a fire ban as of today in the blow down area north of the numbered lakes and Insula. Check the USFS site for Superior NF. There is a map showing the ban area.

I know this does not answer your OP but thought you’d want to know.

st. louis river from 7 beaver

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I've run the entire river from the RR tracks just south (maybe 1/4 mile?) of the lake all the way to lake superior (used a sea kayak to cloquet, and a WW kayak below). i did it in early june when the water was much higher (4-5k cfs reading at scanlon if i remember correctly, now it is 350 cfs), the upper reaches below seven beaver lake were very scrapy even at the higher flows i saw, so i'm guessing it would be a hike for quite a bit of it.

edited: i reread your original post and i think i may have misunderstood. are you just trying to access the lake, or are you looking at starting from the lake and heading down the st. lois river?.

I’ll put in and travel NE on the river to access the lake. My Dad used to fly folks into this lake to fish but I have never been there. My brother and I wanted to check it out. Thanks for your help.

if you come in from the south you can take a road to the RR tracks, and drive west along the tracks. you can follow a 4-wheeler trail to Round lake and then paddle into 7 beaver, or continue along the tracks to the st. louis and paddle/hike upstream to the lake.

i do believe there is an access somewhere from the north as well, but have no experience with that.