Seven2 Kayak Paddles - Opinions?

Was wondering if anyone out there has any expierence with these paddles. Its a new one on me, but the blade are gorgeous and I think I’d like to get my hands on them and try them out.



I only tried Seven2 ISO swapped it with my wife.

It is obviously the lower end of their paddles. The shaft was very flexy.

My wife didn’t want to return Lendal Kinetic.

They break easily. There’s such thing as too thin and flexible.

Had about a half dozen
People want to try them out and then want to buy them. Seven2 got off to a bad start with poor quality. I would not use a black one.

They improved some (the white paddles) and then took it up a notch (silver). I use the latest whitewater model, but ditched the toruing model.

The advantage is in the grips. They provide the wrist angle of a bent shaft and excellent indexing. However, they can be a bit abrasive for touring.

The touring paddles are two-piece and I don’t like their lever-lock system. The swing weight isn’t especially light.

Thanks for the input
I have to say, after taking a look at the website, I’d have to give kudos to their photographer!

The paddles look gorgeous. I noticed the ‘s’ shape to the paddle blades…

Time to take a look at a different manufacturer I guess

What if you want to move your hands?
It’s nice that they’ve got those pretty grip things, but what do you do if you want to move your hands closer together or farther apart?

Go to the Reviews section here…

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..there are 25 reviews on these paddles. Happy reading!

I like my Werner Kalliste just fine. :)


I have an …
…Airidium that is a decent paddle for what I paid (

Love mine…
I have had a seven2 Airidium since 2003…love it!!!

I have had no build issues with it in the least…

there have been runs before in the past of bad paddles…and then they disappeared a couple of years back…and have reappeared with newly redesigned paddles that are supposed to be better than any other now!!! would love to see one…but i have 9 paddles alreadys so i don’t need another paddle…

Overall i love mine…would def. get another i f i needed to.

Flexable shafts, fixed grips
Flexible paddleshafts do not transfer power effectively because the fabled “stored energy” is released in a dysfunctional direction; generally pulling the stern down into the water and into a sweep.

Similarly, fixed hand positions would be just fine if we could just get on top of human breeding control to standardize shoulder width and arm length.

Other than those limitations, nice, light paddles for recreational kayaks.