Seven2 Paddles

Just wondering if anyone here has had any exposure to Seven2 paddles:

I had opportunity to demo their Vapor model last week and am curious about experiences that others may have had with these rather futuristic looking paddles.


popular with the NZ canoe polo crowd
for what that is worth. Almost every canoe (kayak) polo player I met who was somewhat serious had one or planned to get one. Out of that crowd most of them used a different paddle for whitewater or sea kayaking. From what I remember they are lightweight and fairly durable, but I did see one broken just below the blade.

The hand grips hurt my wrists for whatever reason so I was never really into them. If you like it then go for it.

Check the reviews
here on They are very mixed, doesn’t seem like many are favorable to me. Here’s a link to the reviews:

Bad experience
My wife and I each had one of these Seven paddles. On a rough day on Lake Erie, one of her blades just snapped off. Didn’t hit anything, we were in open water. It just broke. Very unnerving. Both went back to the store that day. Never again.

Cheap POS…
They are cheap POS’s…

Do you really want paddles snapping while out on a paddle?

I thought not…

seven2 had a bad rap
through the ww crowd in the early 2000’s…since then there process has changed for the best (at least WW-wise)…i have looked at and held a touring one but did not like it…

ww i would get one…touring not so certain…

polo?they would have to put one heck of an edging on it to play with huh???otherwise it would be a knife blade…

i love the smaller shaft that has more flex for bracing and things…and on the ww higher end blades there is an air pocket that helps get and keep the blades at the surface…easier rolling…

but yes there was a time period when the blades would drop right off…just not recently made paddles (that i am aware of)…


2005 failure

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Can't speak to more recent construction. Repeating myself - the failure I witnessed was open water paddling.
The blade did not fall off, it cracked off. At the base it looked like someone bashed it with a hammer. There were no visual signs of a fracture beforehand, and this was not the first time out with the paddle.

my experience

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I needed a 2nd paddle that broke down, and had the Seven2 ISO on sale for $45. Hard to resist a ~2lb paddle for that price so I got one. I've used it on rivers thus far without any problems. No complaints. FYI: I picked it up this season.