Sevylor Big basin kayak missing seats

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Hello out there,

I have an inflatable 3 person Sevylor/coleman kayak
that is missing the seats. I was wondering if the Sevylor clip on seats can be used with the thread through attachment points on the kayak. Can someone please educate me on this? I was thinking I could use webbing or something to add rings to attachment points or remove the clips and try to thread through.

not many users

– Last Updated: Apr-16-16 11:09 PM EST –

I don't think you are going to find many users of Sevylor boats on here. Cheap inflatables like that generally don't have a lot of replacement parts and are not really designed to be durable or repaired or upgraded. You get what you pay for in kayaks.

I suppose you could try what you are considering -- I would be more inclined to try to sew webbing extensions on these seats....:

...rather than I would be trying to attach d-rings to the boat sides. I'm willing to bet there is a reason why they are clearing out those snap clip seats on sale -- that design puts a lot more stress on the flimsy side walls than the newer model thread-thru buckle attachments.