Sevylor inflatables?

Hi there, I wanted to see if I could get any opinions/reviews/info from anyone here. I’m going to be buying an inflatable kayak for this summer, for a few reasons; one being that I have nowhere to store a hardshell boat of any sort, two being that I’ve found a few that seem to be good deals. The one I’m considering is the Sevylor Ranger, which is basically a better version of their Tahiti and it’s a much nicer color, dark green vs. bright yellow. Has anyone heard much about these? I’ve read decent reviews. Second, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a house brand (Northeast Outfitters) inflatable that is about $130, but I’m not sure of the quality and haven’t been able to find any reviews. Has anyone read anything about this one? I’m leaning much more towards the Sevylor but figured I could try some research. Thanks in advance!


I have not seen that Sevylor
but I have seen the Northwest Outfitters boat at Dicks. It’s probably fine for floating down a river, but if you want to do much else with it, I think you’ll be disapointed.

I’m sure you are on a budget, but I would suggest looking at some of the mid-range models: the top-of-line sevylors, Advanced elements, Innova, Aire. You’ll probably spend between 300 and 600, but you’ll get a boat that will last 5 times as long as the one at dicks, and will perform much better, as inflatables go.

I imagine there are at least a few paddling shops in your area that stock some of these models for you to look at. I have a couple of Innovas, and I noticed their website lists a dealer in Newton, Charles River Recreation, that claims to offer demo paddles on the Charles. They stock Innovas and Pakboats, which would also be a good option.

Good Luck.

I have considered spending more…
…to get a better boat, but unfortunately this year at least it’s probably not in the cards. When I have appropriate space I’d like to get a hardshell kayak or a canoe, but for now, an inflatable will work for my budget and space limitations.

I found another Sevylor ( that looks fantastic, but even this is a bit too much for my budget this year.

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I also purchased the cheaper inflatable kayak. It was the biggest mistake I've ever done. My first advice to you...don't bother buying it unless you're going on a Class 2 to 3 river. Second, since you don't have storage space and don't want to spend that much, you might want to consider buying the AdvanceFrame (at least), the Yakka, or the Pakboats. The price mostly fall similar on a lower end hardshell kayak. Their performance is almost comparable to it.

I agree with jt. and sand.
Just spending a couple hundred more will get you a real boat.

Also, there is a guy on the forum who makes his own inflatables for about $75.00. Basiacally, he glues PVC material together.

Seyvlor tahiti
Got one free back in the Glory Days of the

cigarette company giveaways… remember

Marlboro Miles? Course, I didn’t have to

smoke 100,000 packs, cuz I was a convenience

store manager at the time…

Anyway, that was 20 years ago. The kayak has been

used, abused and is still floating along. She has

mostly been used on lakes and slow rivers, but is

rated to Class II rapids. I took her through 2 sets

of those with no problems.

It has no tracking ability, so be prepared to

paddle constantly to keep from turning circles.

To avoid this, add some weight in the bow.

Best free goodie I ever got! :slight_smile:

Avoid cheaper ones, go w/ XK1 or newer
I have a Sevylor River XK1 and it’s surprisingly tough, fun, and nice (except for low-end valves that are easy and cheap to replace) – nice outfitting w/ wrap-around seat, good thigh straps, foot brace/rest. Class III is fun but is does self-bail quite sloooowly, so it’s like a really stable bathtub while it does. Might be able to modify that or the newer, tougher, better-valved versions like the SVX100DS look like they’ve improved that at least some. One of the best values around in inflatables and great for small-med beginners (they’re a bit lower volume than, say, a Aire Tomcat or Strike).