Sevylor K67 Bali 1-Person

New to kayaking and want some thing to play with

in the sea with some small waves , class 2

river and paddling in calm sea

found this kayak for less than 100$ (suit my limited budget.

and want to know how is it in

wave handling , tracking , class 2 rapid ?

other alternative for up to 200 $


Here’s a review, but buy nicer boat :slight_smile:
It seems like a cheapo fun way to do Class III, just bring a patch kit, tape and a pump when there’s a good chance of rock contact. I think they’re not too flimsy, actually, but for $150 you can get something longer and faster and made for siginficant whitewater (supposedly built a bit tougher, too), the Sevylor K79SB Orange Torpedo:

(they’re video at lower left is useful)

I lucked out and found one of these much tougher, more capable Sevylor River XK1 boats used for under $200. Will last last much longer than lesser Sevylors, etc.:

Here’s a guy who really pushed what the Bali can do:

I have seen them used
at the beach. Just playing in mild surf, they fold up like a taco. I have a tandem that we play with on lakes and while you would not get hurt using in WW, it would not last very long, first sharp rock and its church!