Sevylor Rio vs Colorado

Hi all,
Newbie here. After much researching and asprin, I have decided on an inflatable for my first kayak/canoe.
As a 60 y.o. woman, I would have difficulty lifting 60lbs. That is the equivalent of a bag of concrete, or chicken feed. I live 2 miles from Roosevelt Lake in AZ, and want to be able to transport it with my Honda Rancher ATV.
I plan on paddling close to shore to set crawdad traps and search the shoreline for wildlife and tracks. I am a hunter also. I may try a trip down the lazy Verde and lower Salt rivers too.
I can’t decide between the Sevylor Rio or Colorado. My budget limit is $800 including vest, paddle, and air pump. I need room for stuff, the traps, etc. If I do well with this, I expect to upgrade to a more expensive boat, if the weight stays reasonable.
Appreciate any input y’all have.

If you read the article published on this site, you will find that Sevylor is not too good in the quality department. Might I suggest looking at the Solstace Durango. It is 11ft, weighs about 30 pounds and has a very rugged bottom and a removable skeg for tracking. It is sold as a tandem, but you can position the seat to use as a solo and you will have plenty of room. I have had mine for several years and it is perfect for what you are looking for. Plus when i inadvertently poked a hole in my floor bladder with a fish hook, I called them and they sent me a replacement for free. Can’t beat that. I see them listed on Amazon all the time. Check it out

You might want to call and see what they have as options. They have quite a few good quality boats at your budget point that would be better than Sevylor and sometimes have closeout and demo boats for an even better deal. I have bought various paddling items from them over the years and found them to have very good customer service.{47}Canoes/?sort=featured&page=5